"Bone Chilling - Heart Warming"

An Immersive Christmas Carol

The Perfect Christmas Experience For A Victorian Museum!

What People Are Saying

” A stellar Christmas experience.”

Dominic, Burnaby

“The ambience created by the visuals and voices made this magical.”

Joanne, Richmond

“I had no Christmas spirit until tonight – this gave it to me.”

Andrew, East Van

“Marley was dead”

“Tell me, what becomes of TinyTim”

“Yours is a Ponderous chain”

What Is An Immersive Christmas Carol?

“An Immersive Christmas Carol” is a fully audio/visual experience that requires no live cast. It is a fully automated experience that can be set up in your venue over two or three days. Once installed, it will run with very little intervention.

The show runs between 45 minutes and an hour. Actual run time will depend on your venue and the show will be adapted to suit. The show will take six people through your venue at a time, with a new show starting every 15 minutes so a total of 24 people per hour being guided through your venue. Over the length of a six week run, it has a huge potential to bring new guests through your venue. 

The experience debuted in Vancouver at the Roedde House Museum, a Victorian home, in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was carefully tailored to comply with all public health orders and, over its two week run, it was very well received, strongly attended, and lucrative for all parties.

Our first weekend and the entirety of our second week in Vancouver were completely sold out. Entries were timed and groups, at that time, restricted to the allowable “bubble” per BC guidlines. Even on the other side of the pandemic, the timed entries combined with small groups will insure a top quality experience for all audience members,

Roedde House Museum presented an Immersive Christmas Carol in December 2020, as a new way to connect to visitors through an enhanced tour format, while maintaining health and safety protocols. Tickets sold out with great speed and attendees raved about the experience afterwards. The production team was a pleasure to work with, and maintained respect for the museum, its collections, and the health and safety of staff and visitors, through all stages of the production. We look forward to a working with the team again for a longer run of the production in 2021!

Sara Hepper
Manager – Roedde House Museum

As the season of joy approaches and communities around the world look for holiday cheer this year, production company Famous Artists Limited brought together creative minds, musical talent and powerful technology for the world premiere production of “An Immersive Christmas Carol” – a socially safe audio-visual experience in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from Dec. 8-19. Illuminating the Roedde House Museum, Joel Grinke, an experiential designer and creative director for this project, is using nine Epson LightScene® accent lighting laser projectors to captivate and immerse visitors as they safely walk through Charles Dickens’ heartwarming Christmas tale.  …………..Read More Of The Article

Epson News
December 02, 2020

The Creative Team

Bill Allman


A “recovering” entertainment lawyer, Bill has been active in show business for over 30 years as a concert promoter, theatre producer, onetime venue manager (the Vogue), and president of Vancouver’s venerable Theatre Under the Stars (2000 – 2002) as well as sitting on the board of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame….

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Joel Grinke

Creative Director

Joel is a multi award winning experiential designer. His dream is to find ways to make magical things happen right in front of people, often transforming our world into a more amazing place….

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Matt Grinke

Composer and Sound Designer

Matt began his career at the age of 15 as the piano player for Gutenberg The Musical. Since then, Matt has become a staple in the Vancouver musical theatre scene, working with companies such as Theatre Under The Stars, Exit 22 Productions, Align Entertainment, Royal City Musical Theatre and Geekenders to name a few….

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Cat Rose

Co-Writer – Co-Producer

Catherine Rose was one of the contributors to the best-selling bookVancouver Confidential. Prior to that, she authored and guided several tours for the Vancouver Police Museum’s “Sins of the City” walking tour series, and turned true crime into theatre with Alice: A Murder Mystery at that venue. Read More

Brad Trenaman

Lighting Designer

Prior to relocating to the West Coast, Brad designed for many of Toronto’s top dance companies and choreographers. Highlights include Shawn Byfield, Ballet Creole, Debbie Wilson, Menaka Thakkar, Janak Khendry and The Stepcrew. Read More

Shauna Grinke

Marketing and Sales

Want To Get “An Immersive Christmas Carol” At Your Venue?

“An Immersive Christmas Carol” is designed to bring new crowds to your venue. Especially suited for museums that specialize in the Victorian era, An Immersive Christmas Carol tells the story of Ebinezer Scrouge as it guides your guests through the museum.

The shows first ran in December 2020 and was a huge success. Sold out within days, it brought a new crowd through the Roedde House Museum in Vancouver, but more than that, it created a huge interest in the museum from a new group of people.

The “storytelling experience” of An Immersive Christmas Carol would work well in many museums. It fills that gap of finding a new way to tell stories and incorporate storytelling in the museum experience. 

Sarah Hepper
Roedde House Museum

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